Nun merken langsam aber sicher auch schon die renommierten Kunstkritiker, wie Christian Viveros-Fauné, dass im "Olymp" der Kunst ein paar wenige Player ein ziemlich abgehobenes Spielchen spielen.  Am 4. Dezember 2014 schreibt Viveros-Fauné in artnet.com:


Why Art Basel in Miami Beach (ABMB) Is Degrading For Art and Artists


"When the doors swung open for ABMB's 14th consecutive V-VIP preview, the stage was set for what Friedrich Nietzsche—were he a hungry art consultant—would have called a strategic transvaluation of values. ... According to economist Benjamin Mandel, the art market that Art Basel Miami sits atop is not part of the overall economy; instead, it's part of the economy of a small subset of global Ultra High Net Worth Individuals (U.H.N.W.I.'s). These masters of the universe have, in their turn, remade the utilitarian Miami Convention Center into a massive NetJets lounge. ... Not to give anything away, but it's the part where the superrich demand artists make and exhibit highly conventional art in line with milquetoast aesthetics and reduced financial risk."

 artnet 2015 Dezember


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