"Die Kunstmarkt-Formel" beschäftigt sich auch mit der Bewertung von Kunst. Zitat (S. 42): Der Wert definiert sich über die Qualität. Was ist dann Qualität? Das Wichtigste an der Qualität von Kunst ist die ITÄT, ansonsten wird sie zur Qual für den Betrachter. Das ist nicht nur ein Wortspiel. ITÄT steht für

I = Idee

T = Technik

Ä = Ästhetik

T = Thema

Diese Bewertungs-Formel zieht nun internationale Kreise: Am 10. Mai 2015 schrieb mir zu diesem Thema Susan Holland aus Großbritannien: 

Dear Hubert Thurnhofer,



Christopher Kmentemt has been actively interested in a new Art Group Critique


project being designed by a group of us on LinkedIn Arts groups. Christopher suggested a method of critique that was invented by you, called the ITAT method.



I am putting together a "Handbook for Critique" that will express our intention..


very different from the win/lose sort of critique so many artists have been discouraged


by more often than they liked in the past.



Our online ArtGroupCritique.org program is being offered to provide helpful feedback from a growing group of critics, whose intention is to meet the artist where he or she is in their journey and help them achieve their goals.



The idea is not to deem the work good or bad, not to give grades, or prizes, and not to compare artists' worth or excellence against one another.



The idea is to benefit the with information that will help him further his efforts toward his intended goal with his art.



Your ITAT method is really fine input. I am hoping you will allow me to present it as one of the important guidelines in my Handbook for Critique , which will be set of working principles for both the critic and the artist whose work is up for review.



Christopher kindly gave me your email address so that I might gain permission from the originator of this ITAT process. And that is what I am requesting now. If there is a copyright issue, I am more than pleased to honor whatever terms you suggest.



Our program intends to become an official non-profit business, based in the UK, but offering extremely good services to artists of all levels of success and resources.



Please let me know if you are willing to do this for us.






Susan Holland   


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